The OMD Technology range is designed for both underwater and wet-weather applications. Engineered and manufactured in Australia, OMD Technology lights are tailor-made to meet the demanding requirements of the film and live-entertainment industries. OMD Technology lights are the industry’s only underwater and wet-weather lights to comply with international electrical standards OMD lights are safe, durable, easy to use, reliable and powerful.

              Design Registered       IEC 60598-2-17

Australian Underwater & Wet Weather Factsheet

Europe Underwater & Wet Weather Factsheet

OMD Technology meets international safety standards for underwater AC power lights. OMD lights are fitted with internationally approved cables and are unable to be powered without the earth leakage device operational.The range is depth-tested from 30 to 50 metres and features shock-proof lens that withstand temperature differences of up to 300 degrees. The company’s rigorous safety and maintenance practices ensure that each light is tested and tagged prior to dispatch.

Modular components and a broad range of accessories provide gaffers with configuration and application flexibility – both underwater in wet weather environments. A unique lightweight pendulum bracket allows the dive to easily hand-hold the light head at varied angles, due to neutral buoyancy qualities. Designed to minimise schedule disruption, universal lens and globe system enables swift part replacement. Black in colour, the OMD Technology lighting range is also unobtrusive,
easily hidden on sets and in marine environments. Extra extension cables are also available for additional flexibility.

As no two jobs are the same, the OMD lighting range is designed to withstand the extreme conditions of reef, rocky and challenging location shoots. All lights are marine-durable with stainless steel fittings, shock-proof lens, sheath cables and advanced coating, preventing damage from electrolysis and corrosion. OMD Technology’s innovative sealing systems enables the underwater lights to enjoy better protection from temperature and pressure differences.

OMD Technology teams with a very select group of global partners, ensuring unparalleled local maintenance and support. The global team follows rigorous safety and maintenance practices prior to dispatch and provides swift, on-call support.
With OMD Technology representatives throughout Europe, Asia and Australasia, the nearest support team is only ever a phone call – or the next port away. With this level of maintenance and support, gaffers can rely on a dependable, consistent and powerful performance.

As the lightest and most compact underwater & wet weather lighting range in the industry, the OMD range is powerful and easy to handle, providing gaffers the most bang for their buck.


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